Paul Booth - Patchwork Project

Paul Booth

Patchwork Project

Pathway Records (2015)

Back in 2013 saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist Paul Booth had an idea to record a new album that was stylistically outside of the music he had already released. Over the years he has been involved with many bands, playing music from various parts of the globe. He finally felt that it was time to branch out and explore and thought it would be inspiring to involve people from various backgrounds. Reaching out to fans, friends and colleagues on social media he asked for suggestions ranging from genre, instrumentation, songs, metaphors and ideas in an attempt to create something new. The result is what you hear on this new album Patchwork Project. Two years in making the album features many well known guest artists in large and small ensembles. As the title suggests, the music takes it’s influences from multiple genres including Jazz, Brazilian, Afro-Peruvian, Indian, Reggea, Celtic and more. He has found a unique way of seamlessly blending these styles in his compositions/arrangements and playing. Expect to hear heart-warming songs (co-written Australian vocalist Victoria Newton and Brian Hanlon) and instrumental melodies accompanied by eclectic world rhythms and the luscious tonality of the string quartet.

Paul Booth – tenor & soprano saxophones, flutes, bass clarinet, piano, Hammond B3, keys, hand percussion, vocals
Victoria Newton – vocals
Alex Wilson – piano
Flaíthri Neff – uilleann pipes
Giorgio Serci – guitars
Richard Rozze – guitars
Michael Janisch – upright bass
Davide Mantovani – electric bass
Andrew Bain – drums
Davide Giovannini – drums
Satin Singh – percussion
Edwin Sanz -percussion
Adriano Adewale – percussion
Covent Garden Consort – string quartet

Track List:
1. Pipe Dream 5:18
2. There Was A Time 4:21
3. Iemanja 4:02
4. Dragonfly 1:37
5. Lover’s Thief 5:50
6. Twitterbug Waltz 2:20
7. Oh So Lonely 1:58
8. Miles From Nowhere 5:16
9. Orca/Satta Massagana 6:48
10. No Woman, No Cry 4:21

'A true standout and, I believe, one of tomorrow's music stars.'

Peter Erskine